International Ph.D Seminar, Prague, 2017

Influences, Intersections, Interactions

The 4th International Postgraduate Conference in Irish Studies 8-9 September 2017

Centre for Irish Studies, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Conference venue: Faculty of Arts main building, Palachovo nám. 2, Prague 1, 1st floor, Room 111


Friday 8 September


Registration and coffee


Opening remarks


Panel 1: Narrative & Ethics (Chair: Einat Adar)

How No Foucault? Decomposing the Asylum in Malone Dies, James Little (Respondent: Einat Adar)

‘A Bit Part in Someone Else’s Fantasy’: Narrative Ethics in Tana French’s The Trespasser, Brandi Byrd (Respondent: Laura Loftus)

‘Goodbye Now, Naughty Darling’: Henry Flower Esq and the Uses and Disadvantages of

History for Life in Ulysses, Matthew Fogarty (Respondent: Lucy Jeffery)




Panel 2: Art (Chair: Galina Kiryushina)

Beckett and Colour, Lucy Jeffery (Respondent: Galina Kiryushina)

Encounter, Collaboration and Negotiation: An Interrogation of Art Working in Co-created and

Co-authored Collaborative Art Practices in Contemporary Irish Society, David Teevan (Respondent: Clare Wallace)

Jack B. Yeats: An Irish Comic Strip Artist in London, Michael Connerty (Respondent: Tobias



Lunch break


Panel 3: Poetry (Chair: Lucy Jeffery)

The Poetry of Postcolonial Islands: Intersections of Irish and Caribbean Verse, Ellen Howley (Respondent: Alexander Jones)

‘East and West and Neither’: Louis MacNeice and Indian Independence, Alexander Jones (Respondent: Ellen Howley)

The Colours of Medbh McGuckian’s Poetry: Blue and Transcendence, Fanni Fekete-Nagy (Respondent: Daniela Theinová)




Panel 4: National Identity (Chair: Tobias Harris)

The Poetic Legacies of James Simmons, an Honest Ulsterman, Tara McEvoy (Respondent: Jessica Warwick)

‘Fantastically, the bigger risks were from the Irish side of the sea.’ Jim Phelan, the I.R.A., and the Irish Sea Archipelago, Michael Gill (Respondent: James Little)

Saoirse Ronan and Ruth Negga: Hyphenated Irish Stardom, Loretta Goff (Respondent: Amy Finlay)


Conference Dinner at NAPA Bar & Gallery, Prokopská 296/8, Prague 1

Saturday 9 September


Gathering and coffee


Panel 6: Transnational Influences (Chair: Ondřej Pilný)

Beyond Transnational: Nation and Paul Muldoon’s Haiku Series, Malkah (Molly) Rosenberg (Respondent: Justin Quinn)

Andersen’s Influence in Oscar Wilde’s Tales, Markéta Pospíšilová (Respondent: Ondřej Pilný)

Masquerading as an Irish Mother: Kathleen Coleman’s Performance of Irishness and

in Late Nineteenth-Century Canada, Tara Giddens (Respondent: Lara Cuny)



10:55 –12:10

Panel 7: Print Culture (Chair: Michael Connerty)

Blather, Razzle and Dada: Contextualizing Brian O’Nolan’s Early Journalism, Tobias Harris (Respondent: Michael Connerty)

Periodical Codes: ‘Centre’, ‘Margin’ and Gender in Irish Literary Journals, 1980-1992, Laura Loftus (Respondent: Brandi Byrd)

Michael Davitt’s Early Life and Its Influence on His Use of Writing as a Political Tool, Jessica Warwick (Respondent: Tara McEvoy)


Lunch break


Panel 8: European Contexts (Chair: Matthew Fogarty)

On The Beating of His Wings: Eroticism and Influence As a Manifestation of the Gothic

Sublime in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Rui Rato (Respondent: Markéta Pospíšilová)

The Consequences of World War Two on Cultural Policy in Northern Ireland: The Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts and the Development of International Cultural Exchanges, Lara Cuny (Respondent: Tara Giddens)

‘An acute awareness of the nonfixity of boundaries’: Abjection, Queerness and Nomadic

Subjectivity in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Alena Kiel (Respondent: Rui Rato)




Panel Session on Research, Publication and Career Building

Presented by Dr Tom Walker (Trinity College Dublin) and Prof. Ondřej Pilný (Charles


16:40 –16:55

Concluding remarks