RT : 🌍 50 speakers - 11 countries 🌎 It was such an honour to deliver the keynote lecture https://t.co/IH5GPwteMf
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RT : Irish novelist Mary Morrissy will participate in the opening of "Alka-Éire", the new Centre for Irish Studies in… https://t.co/Edb5efavV7
10 hours 45 min ago
RT : Un agradecimiento especial va dirigido al Cabildo Catedralicio por ofrecernos la visita nocturna de la… https://t.co/dEFlSeweat
10 hours 51 min ago
RT : Call for papers: we invite proposals for our conference on contemporary Irish literature – "New Voices - New Direct… https://t.co/klMHZCMahH
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Do not miss out on our 32nd Irish Itinerary Podcast episode with the fabulous writer Caoilinn Hughes! A new episode is coming soon, so keep an eye on this page and on https://t.co/k5LtjuvklL https://t.co/gUkDwGansT
1 day 9 hours ago
RT : 'What binds these writers is their emotional connection to music, and their experience of songs as a portal to memo… https://t.co/5biDWhQFYC
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RT : It is almost here! Stunning essays from stellar scholars, if I may say so myself. , ,… https://t.co/8Ir92DLdlN
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We are delighted to be supporting Mary O'Donnell and Jan Carson's visit to this literary festival in Valladolid! Find all our upcoming Itinerary events on https://t.co/uVhLkbSxpt https://t.co/O5pm0j66wz
5 days 11 hours ago
The new EFACIS Centre of Irish Studies 'Alka-Éire' at the University of Alcalá, Madrid, welcomes Irish writer Mary Morrissy on 19 May! This is part of an official opening of the new centre, which is coordinated by Prof. Marisol Morales Ladrón. https://t.co/bQlrstb0Pw https://t.co/M2DHPKJMUG
6 days 7 hours ago


Find out more about EFACIS members and their teaching and research.

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Find out more about Centres of Irish Studies across Europe.

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The Irish Itinerary, an initiative EFACIS, is an Irish cultural tour of Europe.

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German Irish Studies Itinerary

The German Irish Studies Itinerary: Great Irish Novels of the Twenty-First Century celebrates contemporary Irish culture through a lecture series innovative in its format and execution: EFACIS-related experts in the field of Irish Literary Studies collaborate to connect eleven German universities which feature a substantial Irish Studies component.

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Rita Duffy, ‘Look at You’ (Nr 1)

Kaleidoscope 2

The EFACIS Kaleidoscope Series engages with writers and artists from the island of Ireland about topical interests. While Kaleidoscope 1 collected fiction authors’ observations about the act of writing fiction Kaleidoscope 2 asks Irish authors what Europe means to them. Over 40 authors and artists describe their experience of Europe and how the EU has changed Ireland. Publication in instalments from March to June 2021on http://kaleidoscope2.efacis.eu/
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Anne Enright

The European Federation of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies (EFACIS), warmly invites you to participate in this new international translation project. Building on the past successes of Yeats Reborn (2015), Translating Banville (2018), and our involvement in the Aistriu project with N.U.I Galway, the fourth instalment of Literature as Translation will focus on one of the most critically acclaimed contemporary Irish writers, Anne Enright.

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At the heart of Aistriú is a collection of Irish language texts on the theme of migration by eleven of the best known Irish language writers. The texts include poetry, short stories, novels and autobiographies, each one giving a unique perspective on migrants' experiences.
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John Banville

The Banville Project: Literature as Translatoin Banville's charm is of course the beautiful prose in which he interweaves philosophy and aesthetics. So the EFACIS board decided that we would launch the Banville Project: Literature as Translation.
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