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The Benefits of Becoming an EFACIS Member

  • Members have exclusive access to EFACIS conferences and to the International PhD Seminar of the Leuven Centre for Irish Studies should they wish to participate.
  • Members will get exclusive access to the research database for Irish Studies EFACIS will provide with its new website (to be launched in April 2018).
  • Each member will get free pdf copies of the issues of Irish Studies Europe (ISE).
  • EFACIS facilitates connecting with other Irish Studies scholars, from professors to PhD candidates, so as to facilitate work on joint projects.
  • Members can advertise events (co-) organized by them through the EFACIS website and all other EFACIS social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn – some of which are currently under development); this will be an exclusive option from March 2018 on.
  • Members can put up notifications on the EFACIS website and via or monthly newsletter (or have the EFACIS Coordinator do it for them).
  • Members can take part in translation projects such as the Yeats Project or the Banville Translation Project where scholars and authors from all over the world translate works of Irish authors into their own language or provide comments on those works (including a peer-review of the translations and comments).
  • EFACIS centres have the right to take part in the Irish Itinerary, Europe’s largest tour of Irish artists traveling the continent to present their work to an interested public (for reasons of funding received from Culture Ireland this is possible for centres outside of Ireland only).
  • Members affiliated to centres pay a reduced membership fee of €15 to their centre which then makes an overall transfer to the EFACIS account and supplies is with the names of the members, so that we know whom to unlock for the website etc.
  • Access to the Map of Irish Studies in Europe, which provides an overview of teaching and research in Irish Studies across the continent.
  • The opportunity to post information about your centre and its members on the EFACIS website and have a personalised Centre of Irish Studies page.
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