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Learn about Irishness through books by Irish authors


Learn about Irishness through books by Irish authors

The Guardian book clinic has recently sparked a bit of a discussion about the questions how one can get to know Ireland based on reading books from the Emerald Isle. The response from book clinic author JP O'Malley might have been rather imbalanced, which lead to many critical responses not only on social media but also in Irish newspapers. Please find below some links to the article in questions as well as to responses printed in the Irish Times.

The article in question: The Guardian book clinic: which books can help me understand the Irish identity?

The Irish Times' reaction: Guardian’s modern Ireland book recommendations are ‘b*ll*cks’

Since the Guardian article showed a remarkable blindness regarding contemporary Irish authors and female writers, please find below two articles putting some counterweight in the scales:

A profound deafness to the female voice

Ten great Northern Irish novels you might have missed (by EFACIS Board member Dr. Caroline Magennis)

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