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Etudes Irlandaises (42.2)

We are delighted to announce that the Fall/Winter Issue of Etudes Irlandaises (42.2) has just been published.
It will be available online:
We are delighted to announce that the Fall/Winter Issue of Etudes Irlandaises (42.2) has just been published.
It will be available online: http://etudesirlandaises.revues.org

 Further information can be found here.

Table of contents


Studies in History and Civilisation

Magali Dexpert, «La « force illocutionnaire » et l’« usage stratégique du langage » dans les discours du DUP et du Sinn Féin : quel rôle dans la polarisation
de la scène politique nord-irlandaise au début des années 2000 ? » 

Olivier Coquelin, “Class Struggle in the 1916-1923 Irish Revolution: A Reappraisal” 

Seaghan Mac an tSionnaigh, «Un nouveau dictionnaire anglais-irlandais” : léirmheas Francach ar fhoclóir Éireannach »

John Patrick Montaño, “A Frank Exchange of Views: Communicating through Violence in Ireland, 1565-1610” 

Michael Robinson, “Perceptions of the Mentally Ill Irish Population During the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries” 

Art and Image 

Anne Goarzin, “The Rising Goes Digital: Century http://Ireland.ie

Literary Studies

Sylvie Mikowski, “Gothic and Noir: the Genres of the Irish Contemporary Fiction of “Containment”

Dominique Delmaire, “Singing and Speaking in Louis MacNeice’s The Burning Perch”

Joanna Kruczkowska, “Decadent Tourism in Derek Mahon’s The Yellow Book”

Anna Teekell, “The Orphan Decade: Elizabeth Bowen’s 1930s Novels” 

Book Reviews

David Lloyd, Beckett’s Thing. Painting and Theatre (Alexandra Poulain)

Michael McAteer, ed., Silence in Modern Irish Literature (Bridget English)

Alexandra Poulain, Irish Drama, Modernity and the Passion Play (Hélène Lecossois)

Richard Barlow, The Celtic Unconscious. Joyce and Scottish Culture (Camille Manfredi)

Marie Mianowski, Post-Celtic Tiger Landscapes in Irish Fiction (Sylvie Mikowski)

Niall Ó Dochartaig, Katy Hayward and Elizabeth Meehan (eds), Dynamics of Political Change in Ireland: Making and Breaking a Divided Ireland (Philippe Cauvet)

Asier Altuna-García de Salazar (dir.), Ireland and Dysfunction. Critical Explorations in Literature and Film (Isabelle Le Corff)

Jim Smyth (ed.), Remembering the Troubles: Contesting the Recent Past in Northern Ireland (Catherine Conan)

Eamon Maher, Eugene O’Brien, Tracing the Legacy of Irish Catholicism. From Galway to Cloyne and Beyond (Alexandra Slaby)

Raphaël Ingelbien, Irish Cultures of Travel: Writing on the Continent, 1829-1914 (Michelle Milan)

Vincent Morley, The Popular Mind in Eighteenth-century Ireland (Thierry Robin)



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