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Banville Project: Literature as Translation for Students

Students who want to translate two key passages from Banville’s published novels are welcome to do so and to write a commentary in English either about the translation difficulty (no more than one page). We suggest the following two epiphanies: the opening of Dr Copernicus (p.3-4 in the Minerva edition) and the epiphany scene in Eclipse (p. 32-33 in the Picador edition); the first passage starts with “At first it had no name” and ends with “Got lost in the straw”, the second one starts with “I clearly recall the day I first became truly aware of myself.” (32)  Till “that I carry in me yet, and that yet will overflow at the slightest movement, the slightest misbeat of my heart?” (33) = 4 pages in all. 

Download Dr Copernicus here.

Download Eclipse here. 

If you have any queries please contact Dr Sarah Kerr vis efaciscoord@gmail.com

See details of the full project on our webpage here.

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