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Towards 2016: 1916 in Irish Literature, Culture & Society


Towards 2016: 1916 in Irish Literature, Culture & Society

Towards 2016: 1916 in Irish Literature, Culture & Society is a major new collection, Volume 6 of the prestigious peer-reviewed Irish Studies in Europe publication series, produced under the aegis of the European Federation of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies (EFACIS). This collection (which will be which will be launched on Wednesday October 7th at 5pm in the Huston School of Film & Digital Media, NUI Galway) reflects the multiple perspectives and events that are associated with 1916 in Ireland and their continuing relevance to Irish literature, culture and society. A broad range of cultural forms and societal issues, including politics, theatre, traditional music, poetry, James Joyce, greyhound sports, graphic novels, contemporary fiction, documentary, language, political representation, and the Irish economy  are considered, with contributions from both emerging academics and established scholars. Also featured is an interview with acclaimed film director and novelist Neil Jordan (conducted by novelist Patrick McCabe) who provides insight into his life and work, including his biopic Michael Collins (1996), a production which includes one of the most memorable renderings of the Rising and its aftermath. Among the questions considered in the collection are: What were the formative influences on one of leaders of the Rising, James Connolly? What effect had the Rising on Ireland’s fledgling labour movement? What impact did the Rising have on the Abbey and Irish theatre? What connects 1916, James Joyce, and the Cuban Revolution? What is the relevance of 1916 to Irish traditional music? What place has 1916 in contemporary Irish fiction and poetry? What are the relations between the Rising, sequential art, popular culture, and memory? A century after the 1916 Proclamation spoke of equality between women and men, could Ireland be finally about to realise equal gender distribution in politics? Does ‘Irish sovereignty’, a central concern of the Rising leaders, have any relevance for Ireland in the contemporary globalised and European Union context?




Contents: 1916 and Irish Literature, Culture & Society: An Introduction (Seán Crosson) – From the Frying Pan into the Fire: James Connolly and the Transnational Importance of Scottish and Irish Slums (Nils Beese) – “Changed Utterly”: The Shaping of the Modern Irish Labour Movement in the Aftermath of Easter 1916 (Michael C. Connolly) – Irish Identity Onstage: How Irish Culture, Nationalism, and Rebellion Molded the Abbey Theatre into Ireland’s National Theatre (Hannah Wood) – Musical Statues: Monumentalising Irish Traditional Music (Verena Commins) – “Our dead shall not have died in vain”: The War Poetry of Harry Midgley (Terry Phillips) – Trans/atlantic Mobilities: Translating Narratives of Irish Resistance (M. Teresa Caneda Cabrera) – The Changing Symbolism of Greyhound Sports in the Work of Bryan MacMahon (Laurent Daniel) – Rewriting Irish History (1916-1921) in Popular Culture: Blood upon the Rose and At War with the Empire by Gerry Hunt (Valérie Morisson) – A Terrible Beauty was Born? Memory, History, and Forgetting in Colm Tóibín’s The Heather Blazing and John McGahern’s Amongst Women (Claudia Luppino) – Neil Jordan’s The Past: A Journey in Time and Memory (Elena Cotta Ramusino) – “People mired in history”: Sebastian Barry and Cultural Memory in a European Perspective (Donatella Abbate Badin) – Tom Paulin and Ulster: Subversion or Sabotage? (Joanna Kruczkowska) – Cleachtas na Scéalaíochta i gCorca Dhuibhne: Cumadh agus Láithriú na Staire Shóisialta i Measc Phobal Traidisiúnta Gaeilge (Eilís Ní Dhúill) – Women’s Political Role in Old and New Ireland: From Marginalization to Gender Quotas (Timothy J. White, Mack Mariani, Fiona Buckley, and Claire McGing) – Economic Sovereignty in Ireland: A Thing of the Past? (Alan Ahearne) – “1916 I think impossible to think about without thinking of Yeats and O’Casey”: Public Interview with Neil Jordan (Patrick McCabe)


Towards 2016: 1916 in Irish Literature, Culture & Society is published as part of the prestigious peer-reviewed Irish Studies in Europe publication series, produced under the aegis of the European Federations of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies (EFACIS). Previous volumes in the series have featured prominent writers and academics including (among many others) the late poet and Nobel Laurette Seamus Heaney, former Ireland Professor of Poetry Harry Clifton, acclaimed poet Rita Ann Higgins and academics Declan Kiberd, Anne Saddlemeyer, and Ruth Barton.



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