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Irish poetry in English
women's literature
W. B. Yeats
James Joyce
Irish literature
poetry and poetics
literary theory
American literature
Yeats and the occult
women's literature and feminist theories
1. Wisdom of Two: The Spiritual and Literary Collaboration of George and W. B. Yeats. Oxford: Oxford U P, 2006.
2. The Aristocracy of Art: James Joyce and Thomas Wolfe. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State U P, 1990.
Scholarly editions and collections:
1. A Vision (1937), Volume 14 of The Collected Works of W. B. Yeats, co-edited with Catherine Paul. New York: Scribner, 2015.
2. Yeats Annual, Vol. 19, special issue on Yeats’s Mask, co-edited with Warwick Gould. Open Book Publishers, 2013. http://www.openbookpublishers.com/product/233/
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4. Yeats’s “Vision” Papers, Volume 4, co-edited with George Mills Harper. London: Palgrave, 2001.
5. The Schoolroom in Contemporary Irish Literature and Culture, Studies in the Literary Imagination 30:2 (Fall 1997), co-edited with Rand Brandes.
6. Yeats’s “Vision” Papers, Volume 3, co-edited with Robert Anthony Martinich. London: Macmillan; Iowa City: U of Iowa P, 1992.
Articles and book chapters since 2010:
1. “‘The clock has run down and must be wound up again’: A Vision in Time.” Yeats and Afterwords, ed. Marjorie Howes and Joseph Valente. Notre Dame U P, 2014. 189–212.
2. Miracle or Melting Convictions? Between Visions,” Yeats Annual, Vol. 19, special issue on Yeats’s Mask, ed. Margaret Mills Harper and Warwick Gould. Open Source, 2013. 147–66.
3. “‘Carolina Hat’: Vona Groarke’s Lament for Art O'Leary,” Irish University Review 43:2 (2013): 274–87.
4. “Reflected Voices, Double Visions,” Yeats’s A Vision: Explications and Contexts, ed. Matthew Gibson, Neil Mann, and Claire Nally. Clemson, South Carolina: Clemson University Digital Press, 2011. 269–290. Reprinted sections from my book Wisdom of Two.
5. “‘a form created by passion to unite us to ourselves’: The Masks of Pizzorno and Yeats.” International Political Anthropology 3 (2010): 191–200.
6. “‘The Real Thing’: Ní Chuilleanáin and Mattering Bodies,” Irish Women Writers: New Critical Perspectives, ed. Elke D’hoker, Raphaël Ingelbien, and Hedwig Schwall. Bern: Peter Lang, 2011.
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