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Irish Romanticism
Contemporary Fiction
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Masculinity Studies
British and Irish Romanticism
18th and 19th-Century British and Irish Fiction
The Irish Novel
Contemporary Irish Literature
Critical Theory and Literary Studies
Katharina Rennhak's publications include a monograph on concepts of language in late twentieth-century historical novels (Fink, 2002), and a monograph on the construction of masculinities in British and Irish women writers' novels around 1800 which feature male narrator-protagonists (WVT, 2013).
Among her edited collections are Women Constructing Men: Female Novelists and Their Male Characters, 1750-2000 (with Sarah S. G. Frantz; Lexington, 2010), Narrating Ireland in Different Genres and Media (WVT, 2016), Narratives of Romanticism: Selected Papers from the Wuppertal Conference of the German Society for English Romanticism (with Sandra Heinen; WVT, 2017), and Romantic Ambiguities: Abodes of the Modern (with Sebastian Domsch and Christoph Reinfandt; WVT, 2017). She is currently preparing a collection on Relevance and Narrative (Research) (with Matei Chihaia; Lexington, forthcoming); and with Sandra Heinen one on the life and work of the Irish bestselling novelist, playwright, theater director and actor Walter Macken.
Among her most recent articles are: "Puzzling Narrative Identities and the Ethics of the Literary Imagination in Sebastian Barry's 'Dunne Series'." Narrating Ireland in Different Genres and Media. Ed. K. Rennhak. Trier: WVT, 2016. 79-99; "Regional Romanticisms." Handbook of British Romanticism. Ed. Ralf Haekel. Berlin: de Gruyter, 2017. 67-87; and an article on flowers and defloration in Irish narratives of the 19th and 20th century ("Begehrte Jungfräulichkeit: Blumenmotive, Blumenhandlungen und die Defloration in irischen Erzähltexten des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts." Die Entjungferung: Szenen der Defloration. Ed. Renate Möhrmann. Stuttgart: Kröner, 2017. 333-361.)
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