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Dept. of Languages and Literatures

Gothenburg University




Irish poetry, drama and fiction.

Also Canadian, Indian and Australian literatures.

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"Migration and Belonging in Deirdre Madden's Novels" in The Leaving of Ireland: Migration and Belonging in Irish Literature and Film, edited by John Lynch and Katherina Dodou. Oxford etc: Peter Lang. 209-223.
"The Fine Line between Auto and Fiction in Marian Engel's Monodromos" in La Langue dans la littérature, la littérature dans la langue: Textes réunis en hommage à Eva Ahlstedt, édités par Ingmar Söhrman et Katharina Vajta, Göteborg, University of Gothenburg, 2014, 239-46.
"John Hewitt and the Sister Arts" in The Crossings of Art in Ireland. Ed. Ruben Moi, Brynhildur Boyce, and Charles I. Armstrong, Oxford, etc., Peter Lang, 2014, 145-65.
"Vittnesmål från den stulna generationen: Sally Morgan's mångfaldiga självbiografi" (Testimonies from the stolen generation: Sally Morgan's multiple autobiography) in Personligt talat: Biografiska perspektiv i humaniora. Red. Maria Sjöberg, Göteborg, Makadam, 2014, 52-63.
" John Hewitt as the Travelling European" in Der reisende Europäer. Hg. Linda Karlsson Hammarfelt, Edgar Platen, München, Iudicium, 2014, 91-102.
"Spår av exilen" (Traces of Exile) in En dag i Dublin om James Joyces Ulysses. Red. Åsa Arping & Mats Jansson, Göteborg, University of Gothenburg, 2014, 47-54.
"The Northern Athens or a City of Horrors? Belfast as Presented by Some Irish Women Writers" in
NJES Nordic Journal of English Studies, Volume 13, Issue 2, 2014, 109 22.
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