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Centre for Irish Studies BANNA/BOND

Universidad de La Rioja


The Centre of Irish Studies BANNA/BOND includes the Universities of La Rioja, Burgos, Zaragoza and Deusto (Spain). It was set up to bring together professors, lecturers, students and others who share an interest in all aspects related to the history, society, art and literature of Ireland. It is a non-profit academic organization devoted to the appreciation and promotion of Irish culture in the north-central part of Spain.

Info here: https://www.unirioja.es/apnoticias/servlet/Noticias?codnot=4921&accion=detnot

The Centre of Irish Studies BANNA/BOND was founded in March 2017. The Centre has expanded enormously, covering a great number of people working in the area of Irish Studies. Some of the research activities and meetings that have already been carried out are:

1. XVI AEDEI International Conference (Spanish Association for Irish Studies) celebrated 25-27 May 2017, The University of La Rioja (Spain)

Final programme, conference site, videos, poster and streamings here: http://aedei.es/?page_id=1015

2. The Irish Itinerary 2018: Trauma and Identity in Contemporary Irish Literature and Film, celebrated 12-15 February 2018, The University of La Rioja (Spain)

Final programme and poster here: http://www.unirioja.es/apnoticias/servlet/Noticias?codnot=5367&accion=detnot

3. San Patrick’s Day 2018: Ireland and Identity on Screen, celebrated 19-22 March 2018, The University of La Rioja (Spain)

Final programme here and poster here: http://www.unirioja.es/apnoticias/servlet/Noticias?codnot=5434&accion=detnot


Forthcoming events:

Research Seminar and Exhibition: The Irish in Latin-America: History and Culture (organized by Dr. Melania Terrazas (University of La Rioja; Spain) (Centre for Irish Studies Banna/Bond (EFACIS) (7-24 May 2018))

The Irish in Latin America is an international touring exhibition commissioned by the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade as part of the Ireland 2016 Global Diaspora Programme commemorating the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising. This attractive and colourful display of 26 large panels engages the public with Irish heritage in Latin American countries. The exhibition highlights Ireland and Latin America’s shared history of colonialism, subsequent independence and revolutionary struggles. Each panel features Irish figures who helped to shape art and cultural heritage, intellectual tradition, scientific scholarship as well as politics and foreign policy throughout Latin America.

The Irish in Latin-America: History and Culture Research Seminar and Exhibition complement each other. Some Keynote Speakers are: Margaret Brehony (Curator of The Irish in Latin-America Exhibition and President of SILAS), Dr. Eunan O’Halpin (TCD) and Dr. Laura Izarra (USP and President of ABEI).

For more information, see the following web link: https://www.unirioja.es/apnoticias/servlet/Noticias?codnot=5537&accion=detnot



“The Irish in Latin-America”, celebrated 7-24 May, 2018 (The University of La Rioja (Spain)


Centre of Irish Studies BANNA/BOND (Founding Members)

Head of Centre:

Dr. Melania Terrazas (University of La Rioja)

Email: melania.terrazas@unirioja.es

Research info: https://uinirioja.academia.edu/MelaniaTerrazasGallego


Dr. Mª Amor Barros del Río (University of Burgos)

Email: abarros@ubu.es

Research info: http://ubu.academia.edu/Mar%C3%ADaAmorBarrosdelR%C3%ADo


Dr. Constanza del Río Álvaro (University of Zaragoza),

Email: crio@unizar.es

Research info: https://filologiainglesa.unizar.es/personal/constanza-del-rio-alvaro


Dr. Asier Altuna García de Salazar (University of Deusto)

Email: asier.altuna@deusto.es

Research info: https://www.deusto.es/cs/Satellite/deusto/es/universidad-deusto/sobre-deusto-0/deusto-quienes-somos/profesores/4097/profesor


D. Jonatan González (University of La Rioja)

Email: jonatan.gonzalezg@gmail.com

Research info: https://unirioja.academia.edu/JonatanGonzalez

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