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ULCIS - The University of Łódź Centre for Iirsh Studies

Contact: Dr. Wit Pietrzak & Dr. Katarzyna Ostalska
University of Łódź, Poland

ULCIS (the University of Lodz Centre for Irish Studies) was founded in 2017 by a group of scholars who have for many years been working towards the promotion of Irish Studies in mainland Europe with a particular focus on Central and Eastern European countries. Their aim was to create a Centre that would serve as a vehicle for bringing together Irish scholars in order to foster the exchange of research and help expand the availability of the results of the projects that had already been completed. In this capacity, ULCIS oversees the organisation of scientific conferences and seeks to spur the movement of ideas by starting cooperation with other universities in Poland and Europe that have established themselves in the field of Irish Studies or are only beginning to develop in this direction. Moreover, we hope to regularly invite experts from around Europe to deliver lectures and workshops in Poland (primarily in Lodz) and arrange for Polish scholars to share their research across Europe. Except the academic slant, ULCIS plans to promote Irish literature and culture in Poland by spearheading events associated with Ireland for non-academics. We also endeavour to nurture our students’ interest in Irish Studies by expanding the variety of courses in this field offered by the Institute of English Studies at the University of Lodz and by other Polish and European educational institutions.


Head of the Centre:

Katarzyna Ojrzyńska: katarzyna.ostalska@uni.lodz.pl

Wit Pietrzak; witpietrzak@wp.pl


Justyna Dąbrowska

Tomasz Dobrogoszcz

Jerzy Jarniewicz

Joanna Kosmalska

Joanna Kruczkowska

Michał Lachman

Katarzyna Ostalska

Katarzyna Poloczek

Wit Pietrzak

Piotr Stalmaszczyk

Andrzej Wicher

Maciej Wieczorek


Research interests:

Irish folklore, Irish mythology, Irish medieval literature, Irish drama, Irish poetry and prose, Irish theatre, dance in Irish culture, contemporary Anglo-Irish poetry, Irish modernism, Beckett studies, disability in Irish literature and culture, ecocriticism Irish studies, translation in Irish studies, reception of Greece in Ireland, migrants in contemporary Irish literature and film, Ireland and the Irish in Polish literature and culture, English language support in Irish schools, comparative literature, Irish Gaelic



The centres has an impressive list of publications in peer reviewed journals and books. The full list of publications by the Centre's members can be viewed here. The Centre has also published a number of translations which can be viwed here


PhD Projects:

  • Justyna Dąbrowska (2016-) “Courage, Insanity, Testimony: (Dis)Abled Women in Irish and British Drama”


Courses Taught:

Irish culture; Irish Literature, Culture and History; Contemporary British and Irish literature; Dance in Irish Drama; Ireland on Page, Stage and Screen; Ireland and the Environment; Northern Irish Cinema; Introduction to Irish Gaelic



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