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Cristina-Emanuela Ciupe

Cristina-Emanuela Ciupe is 22 years old and from Oradea, Romania. She studied English Language in high school in an Advanced English class and as a Bachelor Degree decided to pursue her passion for the English language. Therefore, she studied English and Romanian Language and Literature for three years at the Faculty of Letters, University of Oradea. Her final BA paper was on English Literature, namely the work of Jane Austen (Freedom and Limitation for Men and Women in Jane Austen’s Novels). Currently, she is studying English and French Modernity at the Faculty of Letters, University of Oradea, as part of her Master’s Degree. She is also working as a translator for a TV station in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, called Credo TV. For more than seven years she has been part of a charity organisation called Charis Foundation, Romania where she is assistant manager and project manager (especially for the cultural exchange programmes).

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