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University of Agder

Contact: Professor Charles Ivan Armstrong
Agder, Norway

Head of Centre: Professor Charles Ivan Armstrong

The Agder Irish Network (AINE) carries out research on the politics, religion, and culture of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, with a special focus on the overlapping of these three topics. The network is based at the University of Agder in Norway, and has organized academic and cultural events at the university’s Kristiansand campus and in central Kristiansand. The latter includes book readings, workshops, lectures and film screenings under the aegis of EFACIS’s Irish Itinerary scheme. The centre members specialise in literary studies, social and political science, and the sociology of religion, but seek to interact in multidisciplinary ways that will facilitate innovative approaches to Irish issues. They have close contact with other scholars working on Irish Studies in Norway, as well as with the Nordic Irish Studies Network (NISN). In May 2018, AINE will host NISN’s 10th biannual conference.

AINE consists of the Universities of Agder, Tromsø and Høgskolen i Bergen



Charles Ivan Armstrong

David Herbert

Jan Erik Mustad

Thorsten Päplow


Research interests:

AINE members have research interests in topics such as the Northern Irish Troubles, Irish poetry, Ian Paisley and the history of Unionism, and Irish-German links.



AINE members are currently editing a collection of essays on the broad legacy of the Good Friday Agreement.


Courses taught:

While there is no Irish Studies programme at the University of Agder, Centre members teach Irish issues and texts within other programmes.

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