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The Sassari Centre of Irish Studies

Contact: Prof. Loredana Salis
University of Sassari, Italy

Sassari is active in teaching and disseminating Irish literature and culture among students and the general public. This is done by way of seminars, lectures, screenings, poetry readings, theatre Labs. The Centre is particlualry active in the Irish Itinerary, the largest European tour of Irish culture. 


Head of centre: Prof. Loredana Salis

Lecturer in English Literature 

Ricercatrice di letteratura inglese - L-LIN/10

DUMAS - Dipartimento di Scienze Umanistiche e Sociali

Via Roma 151, 07100 Sassari

Italy - Tel: +39079229643




Loredana Salis

Giuseppe Serpillo

Stefania Gandin

Antonio Pinna

David Brett

Leonardo Omar Onida



Research interests:

English and Irish literature and culture, gender studies, pragmatics & linguistics, translation studies.



The centre has an impressive list of publications including monographs, book chapters and peer reviewed articles. A selection has been included below.


  • SALIS L. (2009). Miti antichi, storie d’oggi. La tragedia greca e il teatro contemporaneo irlandese. Cosenza: Luigi Pellegrini editore, vol. 2, pp. 7-197, ISBN: 9788881016525
  • SALIS L. (2010). Stage Migrants. Representations of the Migrant Other in Modern Irish Drama. Newcastle Upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 1-71, ISBN: 9781443823821
  • SALIS L. (ed) (2017). Lettere dal carcere di Constance Markievicz. L’Irlanda verso la libertà. (Tissi-SS, Angelica Editore). ISBN: 9788878960275

 Chapters in volumes:

  • Salis L., (2015) A Stratford on Avon, an annotated translation with commentary of W.B. Yeats, At Stratford on Avon, in Gandin, S, L. Salis, Translating Yeats: prospettive didattiche, linguistiche e letterarie, Roma: Aracne. ISBN: 978-88-548-8886-9, pp. 74-116
  • Salis L. (2014). ‘Goodnight and joy be with you all’: Tales of Contemporary Dublin City Life. In Literary Visions of Multicultural Ireland. The Immigrant in Contemporary Irish Literature, edited by Pilar Villar Argaiz, Manchester: Manchester University Press. ISBN: 978-0719089282, pp. 243-254;
  • Salis L (2013). ‘Where a soul’s sole hope lives’: A Reading of Christopher Marlowe’s The Jew of Malta. In: (a cura di): Antonella Riem Natale, Maria Renata Dolce, Stefano Mercanti e Caterina Colomba, The Tapestry of the Creative Word in Anglophone Literatures. pp. 77-87, Udine: FORUM. ISBN: 9788884208378
  • Salis L (2013). Dickens e il teatro ritrovato. Introduzione a Dickens. Teatro. pp. 13-24, Tissi: Angelica. ISBN: 978-88-7896-025-1
  • Salis L (2013). ‘Sua Moglie? Ovvero un caso singolare’. Traduzione in lingua italiana di 'Is She his Wife?, in Dickens. Teatro. pp. 123-148, Tissi: Angelica. ISBN: 978-88-7896-025-1
  • Salis L, Canneddu AM et al (2013). ‘Lo Strano Gentiluomo’. Traduzione in lingua italiana di 'The Strange Gentleman', in Dickens. Teatro. pp. 25-66, Tissi: Angelica. ISBN: 978-88-7896-025-
  • Salis L., 'Remediating Gaskell', in Adapting Gaskell. Screen and Stage Versions of Elizabeth Gaskell's Fiction, a cura di L. Salis, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 123-148, ISBN: 978-1-4438-5141-1;
  • Salis L. (2012). ‘Scontro/incontro in North & South: Elizabeth Gaskell e l’Inghilterra vittoriana’. In Figures in the Carpet: studi di letteratura e cultura vittoriana, edited by Giulia Pissarello, pp. 163-173, Pescara: Edizioni Tracce, ISBN: 9788874338139
  • Salis L. (2011). ‘Pellegrini e pellegrinaggi d'Irlanda tra nazionalismo e globalizzazione’. In Pellegrinaggi e peregrinazioni. Percorsi di lettura, edited by Giuseppe Serpillo, pp. 271-284, Cosenza: Luigi Pellegrini Editore, ISBN: 9788881017775
  • Salis L., (con M.A. Ferrario e N. Liubiniene) (2010). ‘East Meets East Going West: The Baltic Neighbours in Northern Ireland’. In Ireland: Looking East, pp. 137-149, Bruxelles: PP.I.E.-Peter Lang, ISBN: 9789052016528
  • Salis L. (2009). “Between ‘the norm’ and one’s ‘better judgement”. In Migrancy, Memory and Repossession: Women on the Historical Margins, pp. 27-38, Newcastle Upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, ISBN: 9781847186928
  • Salis L. (2009). ‘Looking back, looking forward: The translation of Greek tragedy in contemporary Irish theatre’, In PONTES V Übersetzung als Vermittlerin antiker Literatur, pp. 297-308, Inssbruck-Vienna: Studienverlag, ISBN: 9783706546430
  • Salis L. (2008). ‘The Sepulchral Metaphor in The Burial at Thebes, a translation of Sophocles' Antigone by Seamus Heaney’. In The Irish Knot: Imaginary/Real Ireland, pp. 202-212, Valladolid: Publicaciones de la Universidad de Valladolid, ISBN: 9788484484554
  • Salis L. (2007). ‘Postmodern perspectives: Discourses of insularity and the Philoctetes myth in Sherca by Sydney Bernard Smith’. In Re-writing Boundaries: Critical Approaches in Irish Studies, pp. 199-208, Barcelona: PPU Promociones Publicaciones Universitarias, ISBN: 9788447709960
  • Salis L. (2006). “Caring Nothing for Sacrifice”: the Drama of Solitude in Edna O’Brien’s Iphigenia. In Edna O’Brien: New Critical Perspectives, pp. 138-150, Dublin: Carysfort Press, ISBN/ISSN: 1904505201
  • Salis L. (2005). ‘The contemporary appeal of Sophocles’ Philoctetes’. In Ireland: Space, Text, Time, pp. 145-156, Dublin: The Liffey Press, ISBN: 1904148832
  • Salis L. (2002). 'Where am I? Where am I going? Who hears my words?' W.B. Yeats' Sophocles' King Oedipus”, In New Voices in Irish Criticism 3. vol. 3, pp. 158-164, Dublin: Four Courts Press, ISBN: 1851826343

Articles and Review articles in journals:

  • SALIS L (2016), ‘On the brink of the absolutely forbidden: in conversation with Mary Morrissy. In SIJIS, Studi Irlandesi, issue 6, pp. 293-308; ISSN: 2239-3978, doi: doi:10.13128/SIJIS-2239-3978-18469;
  • SALIS L (2016), ‘Writing Peace out of Conflict: Nancy Cunard, Carole Satyamurti, Frank McGuinness’. In Le Simplegadi, vol. 14, pp. 82-94, ISSN: 1824-5226, doi: 10.17456/SIMPLE-30
  • SALIS, L. (2014), “The root of all evil”: Frank McGuinness' translations of Greek drama”, in Studi Irlandesi, issue 4, July 2014, pp. 145-160, Firenze: Firenze University Press, ISSN: 2239-3978, doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/SIJIS-2239-3978-14674;


  • Salis L. (2013), Adapting Gaskell. Screen and Stage Versions of Elizabeth Gaskell's Fiction, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-4438-5141
  • Gandin S, Salis L. (2015), Translating Yeats: prospettive didattiche, linguistiche e letterarie, Roma: Aracne. ISBN: 978-88-548-8886-9


Courses taught

PG UG course in Mediation / Foreign Languages and Literatures/Modern and Contemporary Literatures


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