The Irish Itinerary, an initiative EFACIS, is an Irish cultural tour of Europe.

Latest Publications

D’hoker, Elke / Eggermont, Stephanie (eds)

The Irish Short Story

Traditions and Trends

Oxford 2015. VIII, 322 pp.
Reimagining Ireland. Vol. 63
Edited by Eamon Maher


EFACIS Publications

Type: edited book
Authors/Editors: Michaela Markova, Radvan Markus, Hana Pavelkova, Einat Adar
Year: 2014

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Participating Associations

  • Nordic Irish Studies Network (NISN)
  • University of Pecs Irish Studies Research Centre
  • The Irish department of Foreign Affairs
  • The Amergin University Institute of Research in Irish Studies
  • Budapest Centre for Irish Studies
  • Leuven Centre for Irish Studies (LCIS)
  • The French Association for Irish Studies (SOFEIR)
  • Centre for Irish Studies at St Mary's University College, London
  • John Hume Institute for Global Irish Studies
  • Florence Irish Studies Centre
  • Centre for Irish Studies, Charles University Prague
  • University of Debrecen Irish Studies Research Centre
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