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The Irish Itinerary, an initiative EFACIS, is an Irish cultural tour of Europe.

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This collection of critical essays finds itself at the intersection of cultural, literary and film studies, and explores the various ways in which dysfunction is expressed in Irish studies. Dysfunction can be regarded as part and parcel of a portrayal of a landscape of trauma and crisis that may have been traditionally repressed in Ireland at large. However, dysfunction also envisages mediation, managing, transcending and healing. As such, this volume examines how Ireland tackles dysfunction at large, but more importantly, how mediation, managing, healing and transcending help in the understanding of the ever-changing and on-going process of the construction of an Irish identity today; sometimes looking back at the past, but always creating the need of inventing new ways to understand the future of Ireland. The collection presents essays which tackle dysfunction from different and multifarious perspectives that range from sociological, historical and literary discourses to more contemporary insights into dysfunction in today’s Ireland. It encompasses theory and analysis and includes the works of both senior academics and emerging scholars, as well as those outside academia.

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Participating Associations

  • The French Association for Irish Studies (SOFEIR)
  • Centre for Irish Studies, Charles University Prague
  • The Amergin University Institute of Research in Irish Studies
  • Centre for Irish Studies at St Mary's University College, London
  • Leuven Centre for Irish Studies (LCIS)
  • John Hume Institute for Global Irish Studies
  • Nordic Irish Studies Network (NISN)
  • The Irish department of Foreign Affairs
  • Budapest Centre for Irish Studies
  • University of Debrecen Irish Studies Research Centre
  • University of Pecs Irish Studies Research Centre
  • Florence Irish Studies Centre
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