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The Irish Itinerary, an initiative EFACIS, is an Irish cultural tour of Europe.

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Invites scholars to reappraise the ways in which the dynamics of the contemporary Irish poetic scene have often been read

Places close readings of key poems within the broader context of the poets’ careers

Draws attention to lesser-known creative engagements with Greek and Latin literatures in its study of Eavan Boland and Derek Mahon

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To become a member of EFACIS you have to fill in the membership form. The fee for a one-year subscription depends on whether you are associated with an association or centre for Irish studies. If you are an individual member, the fee is 30€; however if you are a member of an EFACIS Centre for Irish Studies or regional / national association (NISN / AEDEI / BAIS / SOFFIER), the fee is just 15€ annually. 

Please follow these steps to become an EFACIS member:

  1. Fill in the membership form including as much information as possible.
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Being a member of EFACIS has several perks: you can present a paper at EFACIS conferences and seminars, add and alter information about your research, your centre and your publications on the EFACIS website, you gain access to the EFACIS mailing list and are eligible for EFACIS grants and bursaries.

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Participating Associations

  • Nordic Irish Studies Network (NISN)
  • University of Debrecen Irish Studies Research Centre
  • The Amergin University Institute of Research in Irish Studies
  • University of Pecs Irish Studies Research Centre
  • John Hume Institute for Global Irish Studies
  • Leuven Centre for Irish Studies (LCIS)
  • Budapest Centre for Irish Studies
  • The French Association for Irish Studies (SOFEIR)
  • Centre for Irish Studies at St Mary's University College, London
  • Florence Irish Studies Centre
  • Centre for Irish Studies, Charles University Prague
  • The Irish department of Foreign Affairs
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