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2018 International PhD seminar in Irish Studies

2018 International PhD seminar in Irish Studies

Irish College, Leuven

3 - 7 September 2018

2018 International PhD seminar in                             Irish Studies                     Irish College, Leuven, 3 - 7 September 2018

Following the successful editions of 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016, the Leuven Centre for Irish Studies will organise its fifth PhD seminar in Irish Studies in 2018, in collaboration with EFACIS.

The aim is to give PhD students in Irish Studies from different European countries the opportunity

  • to present their research in a congenial, interdisciplinary environment,

  • to receive feedback and advice from established scholars and students with various backgrounds,

  • to hone their methodological skills,

  • to deepen their knowledge of the different aspects of Irish literature and culture, history and society.

The programme will consist of

  • lectures by invited keynote speakers, all renowned scholars in different fields of Irish studies,

  • workshops on different critical theories and methodologies convened by academic experts,

  • student presentations, where participants present their own research for an audience of scholars and peers.

Plenary speakers will include (among others):

  • Anne Goarzin (Universiré Rennes 2)

  • Eve Patten (Trinity College Dublin)

  • Niall Ó Ciosáin (NUI Galway)

  • Gerry Smyth (Liverpool John Moores University)


Students can apply by submitting a CV and a short description of their research project (up to 1,000 words) before the 31st of January 2018. The number of participants is limited to 25.

The registration fee for this seminar will be ca. 250€. This covers (1) tuition, (2) 5 nights of accommodation and breakfast in the beautifully refurbished Irish College in Leuven, (3) registration as KU Leuven visiting scholars with access to library facilities (digital and otherwise) and (4) insurance for the duration of the stay. Participants or their institutions must be members of EFACIS.

A number of bursaries will be available for students without full scholarships: the registration fee will be waived for successful applicants. Eligible students should send an accompanying letter about their (lack of) funding, together with their CV and the description of their research project to the organizers.

For applications and further information, please contact Raphaël Ingelbien at raphael.ingelbien@kuleuven.be







MOVE2018: Moving On: Exploring the Multi-faceted Character of Migration. LCIS Conference on Migration

MOVE2018: Moving On: Exploring the Multi-faceted Character of Migration. LCIS Conference on Migration


Leuven Centre for Irish Studies

LEUVEN, Belgium, October 26, 2018



MOVE2018: Moving On: Exploring the Multi-faceted Character of Migration.

LCIS Conference on Migration

Leuven Centre for Irish Studies

LEUVEN, Belgium, October 26, 2018


Europe's Refugee Crisis of 2015 has brought migration issues to the center of attention of policymakers, (social) media, academic research. Even so, migration has been shaping human history incessantly. A distinguishing trait of migration is the complexity of causes and consequences of migration and its multi-faceted character.

This LCIS Conference on Migration wants to explore the many different ways in which migration shapes our past, current and future. The conference aims to bring together high-quality research that is studying migration from economic, social, psychological, cultural and political perspectives. Inter- and multi-disciplinary approaches and policy-oriented contributions are particularly welcomed. An Irish and European perspective is preferred. Aim of the workshop is to promote networking and future joint research cooperation in migration research.

Research questions may relate to theoretical, empirical and policy perspectives. Contributions may deal with questions such as: What are the drivers of migration? What are the effects of migration? To which extent is migration compatible with the Welfare State? What are the effects of migration policies and is there need for a European migration policy? Are there increasing links between diasporas, migration flows and remittances flows in the globalising world economy? Is it important to disentangle legal and illegal migration, forced and voluntary migration and low and highly skilled migrants? What hinders the integration of new migrants in Europe? Does migration reduce or increase social inequality?

We welcome papers that address these questions and topics by case studies, theoretical, empirical or historical explorations as well as in different literary traditions. A one-page outline of the paper (or a full paper) should be sent to the organizers at lcis.migrationworkshop@outlook.com by the 15th of July. This email address can also be used for any further inquiry about the workshop. Acceptances of workshop papers will be communicated by email at the end of July.

It is intended to publish the final versions of the workshop papers in book form or a special journal issue.

All information about the conference will also be posted on the LCIS website:


The conference will take place in the Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe. This link explains how to get to the Irish College.

Registration fee: There will be a registration fee of 30€ to be paid at the registration desk at the day of the workshop. The fee covers the costs of participation, lunches, conference materials. Participants are expected to make and cover their own travel and accommodation costs. One accommodation option: The Irish College manages a limited number of bedrooms at an attractive price, contact the reception for availability.

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